Painting question

I know there are many different systems for figure painting , how do you feel about base colors in vallejo and then shadows and highlights with artist oils? will the oils lift the base color?

Not if the Vallejo paint has dried properly.


I use acrylic base tones all the time for the initial tone layer. Then it’s all oils. The acrylic dries hard, oils have no effect.


so what is dried properly? a day ?a week?

I’ve had an old hair dryer handy for such things, speeds up the process. Same for primer coats. I’ve never worried past 30mins. Hope that helps.


You can also hit the dried acrylics with a coat of dullcote before going to the oils. I do. I’m not sure it’s really necessary other than improving my psychological confidence…

would you spray or brush a vallejo primer prior to base coating with vallejo ?

I allways prime figures before painting, usually with Black Mr Surfacer. It gives a bit more «bite» for the paint. When priming I allways use an airbrush.

Over night is usually enough for acrylic paint, but if you will be on the safe side wait 24 hours.

then you need multiple coats to cover the “black primed face”

I don´t know how experienced you are in painting figures, but figure painting is not done in one coat… After a black primer I spray white paint from the direction the light typical will hit the figure. Then I build up colors on both clothes and skin with several thin layers of paint. The paint is thinned so it is allmost transparent. The black and white base gives a good idea of shadow and highlights.


This is the methode I use the most. There is no short cuts to good figure painting, only practice, practice and practice…
Painting figures on YouTube


ty , im aware of that method , yes im a novice , so yes im practicing

Some really good tips here. . . thanks for all the posts.