Painting Rust

I am building The AFV LVT-4 and want to apply a lot of rust. What is the best way to do it? I have the AK Rust Colors Set, but haven’t tried to use it yet. Any advice.

Test first on a scrap model you have and build it up slowly

There are a number of techniques that can be used to replicate rust, so you have to be a bit clearer about what your vision for the finished model is.

There are quite literally entire books written about this.

I have no hesitations about recommending either Mig’s “FAQ” or Rinaldi’s “Panzer Art” (or both) finishing technique books for well-done SBS explanations of a numerous finishing and weathering techniques, to include many different ways to replicate rust effects. I’m a bit biased in favor of Rinaldi’s books since he relies less on proprietary products (Mig leans heavily on his own brands and product lines), but both guys lay out their techniques in clearly illustrated SBS chapters and sub-chapters.

Alternatively, offer up some photos of actual vehicles that you’d like to replicate or photos of other models that have the “look” that you’re after. You’ll get no shortage of modelers here offering up their own preferred techniques for creating the specific effects that you want.

Are these Rinaldi panzer art books also for sale in Europe? On the main continent?

He lists 7 dealers in Europe.