Pakistan M24 Chaffee with Sherman tracks

Seems like the Chaffee here is using Sherman tracks?

Short answer: No.

The Chaffee rode on T72 or T85E1 tracks.
The image in your post shows the T85E1 track which is 14 inch wide, could be extended to 16.5 inches with extended end connectors. The T72 is 16 inches wide.

The Sherman T48 (wide rubber chevrons) was 16-9/16 (a fraction over 16.5 inches).

The Chaffee T72 track:

A major difference, aside from the width, is that the Chaffee had roadwheels consisting of two disks, the Sherman VVSS had a single wide wheel. The result of this is that the Chaffee tracks can have a central track guide while the Sherman has the track guides cast into the end connectors.
Sherman with T48 (image borrowed from the internet for discussion purposes)

The shape of the chevrons is also different. Check the inside bottom of the V
Sherman on T48:

Chaffee on T85E1:

Chaffee on T72:

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Thanks for such detailed information!

My pleasure :wink:

I don’t understand how they look different from normal M24 tracks.

They ARE normal Chaffee tracks, BUT,
they do resemble the T48 tracks used on Shermans.
This resemblance was the cause of the original question