Panther Ausf. G Early 1/16 Trumpeter

Hello everyone, I am new around here and I would like to show you my latest work with this model.

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To be able to appreciate the size of such a beast a comparison between the hull of the Panther and my M26 Pershing of Dragon to 1/35


That is indeed a large beast. I have an old 21st Century Toys Panther in 1/18 that even at such small difference of scale comes off as a bit scrawny compared to this cat.

Maybe I should make some changes to my Christmas list this year…

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Thanks for participating.

Yes you should as this tank at this scale does not disappoint. At least I love it.

a greeting

A few small advances:

Torsion bars in place.


Hello everyone.

Some advances like the covers of the brake drums as well as the drums where you can see the before and after working a little with them.


Looking good!

Thank you!!

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I have put the axles in place and added some welds


Hello everyone after so long. Any update available:

Detail of the rear shock absorber:

Mechanism for connecting the throttle rod to the carburetor drive:

Detail of the firewall:

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