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Stunning diorama from modelling friend Francesco Senatore, Formidable Winters World War 2 "Ernst, es ist nicht nur der Feind, um den du dich sorgen musst, es ist das verdammte Wetter" "Hans, du hältst niemals die Klappe, der Feind könnte jeden Moment um die Ecke kommen und uns töten, selbst dann würdest du immer noch stöhnen und weitermachen."

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Why would all the hatches be closed?

Asking for a friend.

To stop the smell putting them off their Lunch? They had to fumigate that tank in “Fury” after Shia LaBeouf got out…




Beautiful diorama, very nice figures. But lose the cat whisker antenna. It should be 2 meters long, not 4, (57mm to scale). The antenna is rigid, not a whip.

Shia is a weird bird. I’ll give him props for wanting to be in character; but jeez, not everyone wants to smell your BO, specially Brad Pitt. :rofl:

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