Panther Winter Riders, East Front | Armorama™

Jeff Shiu released a big set of 16 large scale figures designed as tank riders for 1/16 scale Panther tank,

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Holy crap… :flushed:

Wish I could afford one of these sets.

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They look so cool… I want to get a 1/16 Panther just to buy these guys…

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Holy crap is right! I’d have to sell my youngest daughter into servitude just to get the (beautiful) figurines…tempting…oh damn, forgot that a 1/16 panther would nearly take-up a square foot or so of shelf space at a minimum. Please offer it in 1/35! My display cabinet and budget -not to mention my daughter- will thank you!

He already discounted the set. Great price for 16 figures.

Good to know; I would still need a set in 1/35 though. 1/16 sure is impressive but it takes up acreage that I can’t afford.

I bet he doesn’t sell many of those full sets, I dread to think how much that lot will cost.

At discounted price…$537USD…

what I have to say about that price is unprintable on this site.


I get that but each figure would be about $40 which is a little cheaper then his single figure he currently sells.