Pantserhouwitser 2000 NL - Meng 1:35

This is my Pantserhouwitser 2000 NL by Meng in 1:35 scale. I started this project in 2019, but after being discouraged by the track assembly I shelved the kit. A few weeks ago, I came across some pictures of these machines in use with the Dutch Army in Lithuania as part of the NATO EFP Battlegroup. This seemed like a much more interesting subject than the ISAF vehicle I had originally planned, which gave me a renewed interest in this project, and I was finally able to finish this beast of a kit. I hope you like it!


Hi Jasper,

It looks very nice, congratulation! I like it a lot.


Incredible work! Great to have you here on KitMaker, I’m going to follow your future builds with great interest :clap:


Really nice weathering. I like the cots on top :wink:

Nice! How was the kit to assemble?

Thank you for the warm welcome gentlemen! I’ll make sure to share my work here once in a while!

Dan, the kit was very straightforward to build with the typical Meng quality and level of detail. Nothing wrong with that! The tracks are a bit of a chore, but are well worth the effort if you consider the final result. I can’t really think of any thing that needs improvement. I built my model out of the box, except for the stowage bin on the back of the turret.

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Very nice result. It would have been a shame not to finish this one. The rear basket is a nice addition too.


I really like the paint finish and the weathering on this- may I ask what paints and weathering products you used?

Excellent looking model; always a fan of big guns!

I painted the model with the AK Real Color NATO set, freehand with my airbrush. After that weathering with oil paints, and dust with custom enamel mix.

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Good to see this beautiful build!
Always a pleasure to see one of the howitzers I have worked with.
Thanks for sharing.