Panzer Art: Tankers and Paratroopers | Armorama™

New 1/35 scale sets from Panzer Art feature WWII US and Soviet tankers, as well as German Fallschirmjäger. Available either individually or as a set.

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Those are some excellent poses.

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The American loader, is that a haircut of a WW2 soldier? Looks more like a German WW2 soldier’s haircut?

All I can see on the loader is a regular, old fashioned bowl haircut. My parents used to make me wear on in the 50s done by a barber who had gotten his barbering skills during WW2. Away from his tank and tanker helmet which would mash his haircut down, he probably would have oiled it up and slicked it back.

I’d make a wisecrack about all the Russian tankers having bottles in their hands, but that’s kind of consistent with what I observed during my brief visit to Vladivostok…

Great looking figs, though.