Panzer Art: US and Waffenn SS Tankers | Armorama™

Panzer Art shares latest additions to its list of 1/35 scale figure kits. Available either as single figure kits or as a set of two figures.

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Nice sculpting from PanzerArt, as always, although the SS tankers are wearing army Panzer trousers. Like the Army one with the beret, but it is somehow mislabeled as SS?

Forgot to mention that the SS officer in the Panzer wrap is wearing an army-style wrap (e.g., lapels and center seam in back).

Really like the U.S. tankers. The warm weather Germans are unique.

The panzer beret cap has the army crest not Waffen SS skull can be easily change have to check references for authenticity on the uniform style and cut. Other than that the Panzer Art details are superb.