Panzer III Ausf M Battle of Kursk, summer 1943 'Inspirations' by Liam Curtis | Armorama™

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This is probably the best painting i have seen. The vehicle, the commander, just amazing. Only question what comes to my mind is if a tank would look so worn out if it was only half year or so in the battlefield? First Pz III Ausf M was produced in october 1942.

Thanks for your comment. It’s much appreciated. While historical accuracy is very important, allowing artistic license to bring the model to life is just as valuable in my thinking. If you would like to view more of my models please feel free to visit my Facebook page Scale Model Behaviour.

This is without doubt one of the best tank models I have ever seen, bar none.

As to the worn condition, it is not so much a matter of time, it is a matter of where its been, and what its done, and in some instances what it has tried to do and failed.

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Except in this case it is mostly artistic license. Getting dirty is certainly one thing, but excessive paint and parts wear would not be so pronounced in such a short time. A lot of these tanks made it to Kursk by rail and avoided a lot of wear that would have come during travel and they weren’t constantly engaged in firefights that would damage the exteriors.

This model actually isn’t as extreme as some, as there are modelers who choose to put technique on display as opposed to the kit itself (nothing wrong with demonstrating techniques for achieving particular finishes) and end up with builds that look like they were just hauled out of Truk Lagoon.