Panzer IV - Corraling "The Workhorse"

Mobile hobby time! Home in North Carolina again. Focused on Shelf Queen completion.

Previously, this Panther w/resin interior that had sat for 25 years, went from a couple of boxes of started parts to nearly…

…ready to paint. More bench time, this round and hopefully some paint.

Want to repeat a good thrash on this old Imperial Gunzy Dragon. (Pictures above from Oct of 2023.)

Making an all out effort for the finish line, as the Floquil Military Panzer Colors and supporting cast are along this time…

Cheers :beers:


Man, Wade, you sure don’t travel light when you take the show on the road. How is your Mom by the way? You do such high quality work while you’re there, too - it’s not like you’re just building vacation kits. I don’t think I could ever travel like that. All of my bench and supply drawers take up 12 feet of wall space and everything is interspersed in it’s own drawer. My travel kit fits in a tackle box and is strictly for building. I could never cull those drawers to make a fully equipped on-the-go hobby room like you have. Happy modeling, enjoy your visit with your Mom, and please give her my best regards!


Matt, I like the sound of your set up! That sounds very well organized! I occasionally still loose track of items…lol

This is probably one of many unwise hobby decisions but should prove entertaining to some degree. Hopefully, decent quality can be achieved. I forgot the Naples Yellow & Raw Umber oil paints so a trip to Hobby Lobby or mail order will be needed.

My mom is doing OK overall. We had an unfortunate development. Last year’s biopsy gave an inaccurate result on what’s turned out to be a cancer. She’s getting a series of radiation treatments for the tumor. I’ll be in NC for a while.

She says Hello, and thank you!

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God bless your Mom Wade and I hope she has a speedy and successful recovery.

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Thank you, Matt.
So far the treatments are on track and it’s going well enough.

Spent about an hour yesterday sorting and familiarizing myself again with the old Gunzy kit. Definitely a mental gear shift after painting for the last three months and building Tamiya’s outstanding Pz 38t & Dragon’s interesting mid-2000’s era 251/23 before that.

To me there are about four ways to go about building a model.

  1. Read the Instructions
    More or less follow the sequence given while looking ahead. Deviations will be planned in advance etc. This is an organized approach.

  2. Subassemblies.
    Each sub is built or prepared for installation. The tracks, the suspension, hull, turret being examples and treated as little model kits in their own regard before coming together to make the whole. This is an organized approach.

  3. Face Plating - (advanced version of subassemby) One face of the model at a time is built to very high standard and completion. The nose of the lower hull, then the side of the lower hull etc. Then these are brought together. Building and painting lower hull completely before moving to work on upper hull etc. Complex ship builds are a good working example. Build, detail, super detail, paint & weather front superstructure then install. Move to rear superstructure etc. This is an organized approach.

From racing…that face plated gear can be shifted without a clutch at wide open throttle…it’s built for that use.

  1. Helter-Skelter (modeler works on what’s interesting to them and jumps around in a randomized sequence of what’s interesting today.) The allows the modeler to leverage motivation and fuel that motivation with laser focus, that can build momentum and push the builder’s skill level forward to improve. This is a disorganized approach.

Obviously, this Gunzy Pz IV started as a Helter-Skelter build. The first step of what was built. The front tow pinnacle. I was bored and wanted to see if a spare Tamiya detail, razor sawed from a left over part could be chopped up into something interesting. :thinking:

So twelve years later this thing is a disorganized mess to return to the work bench! I blame the builder! It’s his fault!

:laughing: :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat: :laughing:

So, I started at Step #5, discovered both C54 parts are long lost. That’s the official ruling after an hour of going through everything…twice.

I’d hoped RFM might provide some spare parts of use and looked over this kit.

Struck out.

So now it’s time to visit Hobby Town in Hickory NC and pray they have some C-channel to make a pair of muffler supports.

Cheers :beers:


Very interesting analysis on ways to go about assembly Wade. I heartily agree with your assessment. I’m definitely a #2 Subassemblies modeler.

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Hate to admit it but I’m a #1 Follow the Instructions normally for a newer or expensive (aka valuable) kit. Thrashing an older obsolete kit, seems to become full bore #4 Helter-Skelter.

Productive hobby shop run. C-channel plus, MCLT plus a product new to me, Mr Retarder…lol!

With a name like that how could I not buy it!

Anyway, it’s supposed to be “slow-mo” for brush painting Mr Color & similar paints. Naturally, the warning label is priced over. Warning :warning: parts thst are visible look extremely serious so probably join to research before using it.

Used a paint brush handle & sand paper on the C-channel.

Plus sanding, adding a back strip and coat of thinned Tamiya Basic Gray/Molak Stucco Putty.

Off to a slow & ugly re-start but finally working on the old Gunzy kit again!


Not much of an update but the chains are still grinding forward.

The rear plate is a spare from a Dragon kit, so before attaching the muffler based on my best guess, felt it would be wise to fit the auxiliary muffler first.

A16 is also missing!

I’m sure there’s a spare auxiliary muffler in the ~40 Pz IV & friends kits in my stash…which is 600 miles away.

The RFM kit that’s with me almost offered a solution. There’s part of an extra assembly available, part R10. It could be tweaked and used if the other half was scratch built.

However, given two road blocks on the rear plate with lost parts, it’s pretty likely something else will be missing. The smart move would be to box this kit until I’m back home… :house_with_garden:

…however Wade’s World, I believe The Force (brute force ignorance) is my ally!

A government solution was initiated due to my impatience to work on this Gunzy IV F2 that’s sat for over a decade :roll_eyes:

Part of the resin cast supplies arrived today. The mold material should follow shortly.

Intentions - copying the RFM Pz IV G’s auxiliary muffler and whatever else turns up missing!

Realized during inventory, I’d forgot to bring wing nuts so that’s also been addressed.


Today was a good day!

  1. Mom wrapped her radiation treatment and so far all has went well.

  2. Mold making materials arrived.

Very busy and didn’t get any bench time. Hopefully will on Sunday. Tomorrow plans are to visit The S.C. Mega Show

It’s an exciting event with a unique format that has some AMPS inspiration so I decided to actively support by taking a few display models and one for judging. Likewise, combed the stash for quality items to support this newer style endeavor with raffle donations.

1/8 Monogram 1982 Camaro


1/25 Tamiya T-34-85
1/700 - I♡Kit KM Bismarck
1/72 Space 1999 Hawk
1/48 Tamiya Type 10
1/48 Tamiya He-219 Uhu

Realized long ago none of those will ever see my work bench so hopefully they’ll find good homes and a builder.

Mom wanted a special Sunday dinner so since I’m busy tomorrow and want to work on the Pz IV sometime Sunday…hopefully the Sous Vide will save my hobby time.

Mustard binder, Kinder Salt, Pepper & Garlic, Badia Rib Rub & pinch of Slap Yo Mamma Hot.

Sous Vide @ 36 hours & 150 F, finish on grill is the experiment. Have done 8 hours and have seen 48 hours done so 36 seems like a good test point.

So if they are a disaster, Sunday dinner will end up being Chinese on my dime.


Very best wishes to your Mom, she made a good son too. Looks yummy at raw stage, best of luck!


Good luck at the show Wade, have a ton of fun. Best hopes and prayers for your Mom that this is it and she’s done. All the best to both of you. I agree with Tim, she raised a hell of a great boy.

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Really was planning on being at that show and hoping to run into you,but just too much going on this month,have fun though.


Wade glad to hear your mom making progress. You are a great son!


Thank you all for the well wishes for mom, very much appreciated. Thank you for the kind words too. @Tojo72 Anthony, it was an excellent show, hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to met at one in the future.

The venue is probably large enough for an AMPS National level show if additional rooms are used for seminars etc.

The show was well ran, well organized with interesting venders and good attendance. Judging quality was professional level outstanding. I’d estimate about 250 model total on display. I had an opportunity to meet @SdAufKla Michael and chat. Mike and the club put on an outstanding show.

Speaking of outstanding, pictures don’t do Mike’s Scud project justice!

Here’s a few of the many models I found interesting…

An outstandingly sweet collection of Vietnam War era US AFV’s really caught my attention.

D Day had many outstanding entries.

This Merkava was exquisite, however it’s color and shading proved impossible to accurately capture with my camera.

My section entries.

Entered the 22 year old recently finished shelf queen Panther D to be judged as an advanced entry. I’m very happy the “D” won Silver medal. Glad the x-wife dug it out of the trash bin back in 2002.

More eye candy :candy:

1/16 scale and very impressive Stug III G

Gold medal, Best Auto & Best of Show!

Looks like a tough ride…

On of my :heart_eyes: favorites

Had a field day with the vendors with nostalgia purchases ruling my shopping. I tend to give Italeri a lot of well deserved HATE for their garbage kits but once upon a time in the 1970’s & early 1980’s, Italeri was the RFM of that time. Very happy to add to the stash for the box art and vintage appeal.

I really like the old Tamiya WW2 Russian kits. Didn’t have any of these and felt like they’d provide more enjoyment for $40 than the Meng Leo 1 A3/A4 which was my other option :thinking:.

The Russian’s are coming! to their own build thread eventually one of these years. I can hardly wait to slap MiniArt wheels & Sector35 tracks etc on these classics!

Wink :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kissing_heart:


Wow Wade what a great show and what a great time! Congratulations on your Silver Medal win! Well deserved! I got to meet Mike Roof in 2017 when my club hosted the AMPS Internationals in Danbury, CT that year. He’s a very cool and friendly dude. He’s a wealth of modeling knowledge and always willing to share. All around nice guy.
Well I guess trekking to your Mom’s had two silver linings - Mom is doing great AND you were in the right place to attend this tremendous show. Big win-win!


Enjoyed meeting you, Wade, and putting a face to your name! Also, we very (VERY!) much appreciated your generous donations to the raffle!

The collection of US Cold War armor belongs to @Carl-W, a member of our local club. As you noted, Carl builds some exquisite models!

The Merkava was built by another club mate, Tony Kelly, who unfortunately isn’t an Armorama member. (TK couldn’t make the show yesterday because he had to work, but you would have enjoyed meeting him! He’s a very dedicated builder.)

Hope to see you again at some show or event in our mutual futures, and next time I hope we have more time to visit and chat about models!