Panzer IV rear chain

What was this chain for found on the rear plate of some panzer IV 's?

I think it may have been used to secure the tow cable that was stored just below the chain on the hooks immediately to the left and right as shown below. It may have had other uses too.


Zoomed in.


Thanks for that, should of realised being so close to the tow cable.
Don’t think I’ve ever seen this chain included in any kit i’ll have to check.

A slightly different way of organising the cable, with the chain

Two tanks, probably the sam unit, who have organised the tow cable

I get the impression that the closest one has a chain but is not using it.
The other tank is too far away to say anything about the chain.
Both have secured the ends of the tow cable to hooks.

There is something by the middle of the cable loops, could be that chain,
hard to tell for certain …

Miniart believes in magic to hold the ends of the tow cable together …

A chain looped through both cable eyes would work magic in this case

Cheers Robin.
Tamiya give you a thin wire to band the cables together.
I have some fine chain to use for this.

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When it is -20 Centigrade outside and the knots on that rope has frozen I would rather unhook a chain than trying to open a wire or a rope.
Some clever German must have figured out that a chain would be easier to handle

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