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The finish and weathering on this spectacular build of the Panzer IV Ib Brückenleger from modeller Danis Stamatiadis. Before the outbreak of World War II, various methods of dealing with fixed fortifications were explored. One necessary vehicle, in the eyes of the Wehrmacht, was a bridge layer, it was decided that a bridge layer would be built on the Panzerkampfwagen IV. A total of four Ausf. C and 16 Ausf. D were converted into Brückenleger.

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Excellent job, beautiful weathering. Would love more information on the kit(s) used and painting and weathering products and techniques.

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The kit may be Trumpeter, I think they do one.

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Really nice job. Can you imagine this is 1/16? Nice level of wear and dirty too, very realistic.
Thanks for sharing.

Very nicely done. I like that weathering style and colors.
@Robbo_Roberts, What kit was used and/or scratch build or conversion?

Sorry for the length of time for the reply it is the trumpeter kit

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It is the trumpeter kit 1/35th scale

Why has this been posted here rather than in the WWII Axis section?

No worries. Thanks for getting back with the Trumpeter kit info