Panzer Models UK issues

Has anyone had issues with Panzer Models in the UK. I ordered some pine boughs from them at the start of March. Money went out straight away and got an email saying they would let me know when shipped.
Since then i’ve heard nothing. I’ve emailed them asking where my order is but no reply.

Is this a dodgy company?

I haven’t even heard of them.

This is the website

Never heard of them, but they have a shiny website. They don’t list a street address or phone, which always makes me worry, but they claim to be on FaceAche and the Gram so you might try there. Good luck!

i’ve emailed, faceached them but nothing.
apparently there is no physical address or phone number listed in the UK for them.
luckily i paid by Paypal and have submitted a claim

Just looked on the Companies House website but there is no registered company by that name. (If there had been, there’d at least be contact details of the directors…)

Luckily i paid by Paypal. escalated it to a disp[ut with them last night and within 30 minutes had a refund from Panzer models. wont be using them again.

Now just have to find Asparagus fern in Australia ol

That’s something I always check before ordering online, if they do not provide a physical address, it’s a no-go for me

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