Panzerfeldhaubitze 155mm

Bundeswehr Lehrfilm on how to use M44 SPH.

Schön wäre es wenn eine aus Kunnststoff verfügbar ist. :grinning:

Meine Rede, Alter.

Very cool!

Very interesting. I don’t even think there’s one of these in resin anywhere (other than small scale); I do recall Cookie Sewell built one from scratch several years ago.

The Brits had these in a couple of Royal Artillery regiments in BAOR, from around the mid to late 50s, used in conjunction with Centurion AOPs until replaced by the M109 in the mid-60s. Apparently in Brit service it was designated “Cardinal” which would at least tie-in with the other ecclesiastical names for RA equipments.

I would love to see one of these available in 1:35, all that shiny Deep Bronze Green:

(Images filched off the www - I’m sure they won’t mind)

The RA Museum at Woolwich had one in their collection but presumably is in storage now pending the Museum’s re-location.

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