Panzerregiment Großdeutschland Juni 1944 | Armorama™

Robert Eichholtz's superb diorama of the Panzer Regiment Grossdeutchland Juni 1944 I hope, will inspire everyone to have a go at dioramas. The Infantry Regiment Großdeutschland was an élite German Army ceremonial and combat unit that saw action during World War II.

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That is brilliant.

Hi John I think you will find loads more pictures available now I pressed the create button before I had put in half of them so please take another look
All the best Adie In War and Peace

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Thanks Adie … had another look … and now its even better lol … Love the 2 crows on the gantry … and the wheel hub detailing is superb… Amazing build.

Wow that is some diorama!

Thats jaw dropping amazing!!

This is a fantastic build!

Welcome to the forum Sebastian… what do you usually build ? And its always good to have a Jedi Master here to calm the Sith down lol

LOL. Thanks for the very nice welcome, Johnny. Usually, WW II German 1/35. I currently have an Ardennes dio in the works, but it is very very slow, due to a busy life/work schedule.

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No probs … lots of friendly and knowledgeable chaps here to offer advice / info as you need it … would be great to see a new thread with your dio build on it …

Fantastic…!! So much detail.

Very impressive. :clap::clap::clap: