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Panzerwerk Design presents their first two sets of tracks with worn cleats, for Panther and Panzer III/IV

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Couldn’t we just file them down? Or is that too much hassle?


Right, stop it with these daft ideas … next you 'll be saying why dont we build bits that are not there or to enhance bad detailing and call it something silly like scratch building … :grin: :grin: :rofl:


Of course you could. But providing you are going to get aftermarket tracks, I think it is good you can choose if you want them looking new or worn, and use them straight away.


I have not tried with these tracks or other 3D tracks but I don’t think the material is as forgiving to do that and also look convincing. I am sure some modelers can cause the are that good but the rest of us mortals you have a much better and consistent end result with tracks like these. I get the tracks being panned, I see it as more of a limitation of the material and a suitable solution but that’s just me. I am open to the experts telling me I am wrong.


Finally ! Yes tracks have wear ! Would be assymetric. On the worst situation you can see the pin through the place at contact to the ground ( really time to change them !!! ).
Always laughing seeing those models of heavy weathered beast of a panzer, a survivor for sure, with brand new tracks !!!

Filing/Sanding them can be done after assembly with Friul tracks. Otherwise I imagine it would be a hassle to do the job one by one for 200 links…