Part placement? ICM Pz II (F) Flamingo

Need some help with placement of a couple parts on this kit. The instructions are pretty vague and I’m not familiar with anything Panzer 1-4 at all. The two parts B32 and B17, I can’t tell where they attach.
BTW this is, by FAR, the WORST fitting armor model I’ve ever had. Sink marks, flash, poor engineering, and almost Nothing fits properly without a ton of trimming/sanding. The wheels wouldn’t even fit over the axles! Fortunately the plastic is like room temperature butter and easy to sand :joy:
Anyway TIA

Here’s a pic I unearthed. Maybe it will help?

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I hope this helps;

You need to login in order to zoom the image, but then I had problems getting it to display properly. I just used my Google login, or register for free.

Useful images here too;

TRACK-LINK / Forums / Track-Link Build Logs / Bronco Panzer II (Flamm) Ausf. E

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Thanks, those help a lot!
Can y’all make this kit any better? :joy:
Also, I planned to build this strictly oob but I’m going to have to replace at least the antenna and scratch up some hoses or handles whatever they are under the flamm tanks since the kit parts are broken. The tracks seem to be fitting together ok so far surprisingly. I’ve drilled out the flame barrels and the hitch & that’s about all the mods.

Although I haven’t built this kit, understand your pain with ICM kits. I built a ICM T-35 that nearly ended with it losing out to my 12-gauge shotgun. No more ICM kits for me.

The side sponsons contained the nitrogen cylinders used to propel the flame oil, which was stored internally. The sponsons were opened using the handles mounted underneath, which in your case seem to have broken off. A bit of brass rod should fix these. I have a few other photos in Osprey’s Flammpanzer, as well as unit and operational information if you are interested.