Pay pal problems

Not relevant to this site, but maybe someone has similar problem. My log-in works but I get directed to a page where they want me to register a mobile phone number and I can’t by-pass that page. I don’t have a mobile…doesn’t PayPal realize not all their members may have mobile phones? Very annoying, I can log-in, but can’t access my account. Apart from contacting them, does anyone know a short-cut?

These pages often have a skip this step, or resister an email option. It might be a small hard to find button though


It must be invisible, too! :rage:

Maybe screen shot the page, just make sure to cover up any important details

Its a new security measure where they send a code that you type in as a form of duel identification.


Below the “Add Mobile Number” bar, there is a “Not Now” option, click on it and
you will be taken to your account.


Funny that you mention it… As a refresher, I watched this on YouTube just this morning. HTH.

The Practical Guide To Mac Security: Part 4, Two-Factor Authentication

Not any more, Joe. I was getting that log-in page last month. I was hoping they would get the message with “Not Now”! This time there is no “Close Page”, “Leave Page”, “Proceed”, or “Not Now” button. :disappointed:

That’s strange…I checked after you posted and it was still there.

You mean a different code every time you want to log in? What a PITA! Or one code for all time?

Come here and I’ll show you! :grin:

I believe you but it works on my end.
Could it be a browser thing?..I am using Firefox.

I’m still getting the ‘not now’ option.


I had a problem accessing my account when my phone number changed, as the option to change phone number was after the 2 factor authentication. There was no way out of the loop without contacting help desk by phone.

NO short cuts, contact them. I had trouble and ignored it and they started closing down my account. It took a lot of messing around proving who I was to get it re activated. So don’t be a lazy beggar and ring them.

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I’m going to phone them.

Called them yesterday. The agent I talked to said they’ve had plenty of complaints over this. Apparently a poor plan poorly executed. They “hope” to have the problem rectified “in the near future”!


Pleased to report that PP has resolved their issues. At least, I was able to log on to my account today, and the log-in page had reverted to the “not now” option for adding a mobile device contact.

My current gripe with PayPal is they want me to link my checking account in order to accept money sent to me . This is absurd . I have two credit cards in my account and the sender has his own credit with PayPal. Why on earth do they need my checking account linked ? Phoned and spoke with an agent who spoke so rapidly with a heavy foreign accent that I could barely understand her . I have had payment sent to me before and just had it applied to my account without having to go through this BS - what’s up with this ? I am a very unhappy guy over this .

I was thinking of it as creep into the retail banking sector. They get you used to you using them for more and varied financial transactions & then offer deals to woo you away from traditional banks.