Pay what you want started kits for sale list

Updated November 5th, 2023. A couple more added to the top of the list.

Been cleaning out the closet and it’s time for these projects to find a new home.

I’m only asking that you cover the shipping costs and a small ($5-$10??) “donation” to my hobby fund for each project you’re interested in–whatever you think is fair.

Thanks for looking. Some trade wants are listed at the end.

Meng AUF 1 with interior.

Takom M114 with interior

Takom M60A3 with Dozer

M548 scratch conversion to XM45 Zippo Refueled

M110 Italeri kit with Verlinden conversion and resin tracks.

Kinetic M109 Rochev/Doher
AK interactive FJ43 IDF
AFV Club M107
AFV Club #35189 Bofors ammo & containers (partial okay)
AFV Club #35184 105 mm crates and containers (partial okay–mainly want the wood crates, metal tubes)
AFV Club #35299 Propellant containers for M109
Hobby Fan #761 M101 Howitzer Crew Vietnam
Hobby Fan #765 IDF M113 crew 1973
Hobby Fan #755 ARVN M113 Crew w/flak vest


I would love the M113 and the M548

And the wrecker too

I’d like the Panhard VPS. Take $20 for it?

I’m interested in the M578

I meant M578, not M548, you are not selling an M548

Would you take $20 + shipping for the IDF centurion APC

Hi Eben,
I’ll take the M1117 and M936 if they are still available. And I can 3D print some things you listed.

Kind regards,

Damn! I snoozed on that M1117 ASV. i want to add one to my collection, only because I remember them being used by MP units, a throwback to the old V-100 Commandos of the Vietnam War era.

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I received the Panhard VPS, but only the body of the vehicle. Do you have the two baggies of stuff shown in the photo & the original Revell kit hood?

Sherb, my bad found the stuff in what I thought was just bubble wrap in the bigger boX!

No worries, I was in the process of typing a reply that I packed some of the parts outside the inner box. Enjoy the build and thanks again!

A three “new” ones added to the top of the list.
Thanks for looking and thanks to everyone else who has already helped out to reduce the stash.

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Incoming PM

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