Pennants on Turkish submarine

I am planning a small scene incorporating a Turkish submarine (1/700 scale) approaching a harbour, and displaying pennants similar to the ones in the attached photo. Not being particularly knowledgeable on the subject, I am wondering whether these are specifically arranged (they appear to me to be various International signal pennants). Can anyone shed light on the meaning of this particular arrangement?



This is, from turret to bow:

A - can’t see (C? maybe?) - can’t see - G - 8 - I - K - 6 - M - O - 4 - Q - S - 2 - U - W - Code/Ans - Y - 2 - Corpen - 7 - Stb - 8 - 9.

Turret to stern I can’t read, sorry.

Does this shed any light? I don’t think so. I don’t know the Turkish way of dress ship. I know we (DEU) do it in a very ‘technical’ way, see other thread. As the whole scenery looks rather uneventful, maybe there’s a possibility he’s just hanging out the flags to dry them after they got wet in their locker? We did that occasionally on our frigate several years ago, but that should be started and finished with a ‘S’ flag for ‘drill’ or ‘disregard this’, which is not the case here. Than again, subs (Deu subs) don’t give much about formalities, sometimes…
Sorry, can’t really be of much help with that special picture…should there be a special/hidden/secret meaning in this or something I simply don’t know, and anybody from Turkish Navy can correct me, sorry, there’s certainly no offense intended, I simply don’t know better.



Thanks for your reply. I found out the answer to my question, and have posted this on the other thread, ‘Warships with Ceremonial Pennants’.