Phantom Issue

Need a 3 sided coin . Can’t decide which to build first .
If I had a F4-S it wouldn’t be a issue …


If the Navy one has Jolly Roger decals …that’s the one :grin: … followed by the W Weasel… :+1:


Tricky. We do have a Phantom campaign starting in the year. Would be cool to see the early E built.

I like the order but a Marine J instead but that’s just me. :sunglasses:

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Of those, Wild Weasel

I have the ZM F4E early on the shelf so because of that I just know you will build the F4E early first!!!
I think the only two grumbles I have heard about the kits are a slight misshape near the exhaust that was fixed on the F4E. The second some grumbled about the exhaust nozzle areas was not as detailed as some wanted. I tended to agree after opening the kit. I solved it by getting some aftermarket nozzles that were more detailed. I am trying to build up the courage to purchase their Me 109, pricey that kit is.


Get an F-4 S and you solve the problem !!! :smile:

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Wild Weasel first, Wild Weasel first :grin:

I’ve got the Weasel in my stash, so thats my choice.

They’ll all be good though, won’t they👍


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