Photo etch chain lengths

Can anyone recommend a manufacturer of PE chain lengths? Reasonably long lengths on a fret in either 1/35, 1/72, 1/350, or 1/700. Hint: they’re for making ball + chain armor on 1/72 scale Merkava tanks. I’ve already checked ship anchor and chain sets, but the chain lengths are too short, and not enough of them.
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I cannot. But I will say that if such an animal exists it will look like exactly that - PE chain. They don’t even use that on HO locomotives, that I know of.
Several years ago I saw a technique for small chain that was very convincing. It involved twisting wire and then opening it up to look like chain links. The description doesn’t do the final result justice, it was fantastic. And since it was meant for grenade launcher chains on a 1/35 tank, it ought to be just about right for your needs. You may find the post on the old archived Armorama site.

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Personally I do not like PE chains as they look too flat, I prefer real chains.

I think Trumpeter had some, and other brands I can not remember now.


You might want to check out this thread as well.

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ayovtshev’s technique in the above thread is almost exactly what I’m refering to, except the one I saw was a few years ago. I think it’s even possibie to gie each “link” a ninety degree twist.

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The finest real chain I found for a project was I think 45 links per inch. I bought 10 feet of it. 40 links per inch is the “standard” small chain you find from most model railroad suppliers. So this is a bit finer. I don’t remember where I got it ( it was a specialty model railroad supplier) but I can do some digging to find out if interested.

You might try this method - it won’t produce real chain, but the fiiner the mesh, the less one can tell the difference …


That’s a brilliant solution, especially for the chains used on fuel filler caps plus safety chains found through vehicles from gun mounts to bolts were it used to keep the nut from backing off. It looks like aluminum window screen and if so I’m going to drop by the local hardware store where they do screen repairs and see if some arm twisting can’t free up some scraps.

If that’s not aluminum windows screen what is it exact

No idea what exactly it is - definitely not aluminum. I have several wire mesh pieces of different finesse, most of them from brass. Picked them up here and there, mostly from dealers at modeling meets. The insets of faucets that make the water bubbly also work with stuff like this.

I found this:

Sort of a compromise between real chain links, and other PE. Rigid PE chain, such as this, is much easier for me to use - I’m not as young or as steady as I used to be. And the chain is only going to be used in very short sections.
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Using real chains, even the tiniest available, is often out of scale. Compare the links to good, 1/35 figures’ fingers…

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