Photo etched grill for Tamiya Panther A

Anyone know whether the Panther D grill set also fits the Panther A? This is for Tamiyas older Panther Ausf. A kit.

I don’t think the D grill will fit very well on the A as the old Armor Research grills for the Tamiya A don’t fit correctly on any other kits.

I found a set of Armor Research screens for the OLD Tamiya JagdPanther A screens if your interested in them. Likewise if you,want a full photo etch with screens grills and fiddle bits set for the old Tamiya Panther A found those too.

On The Mark set is for the Tamiya Panther A.
The Armor Reseach screens (small set) are for the old Tamiya JagdPanther.

Will make you a very friendly deal if you want them.

Yes the Mark Tamiya Panther A set would be very useful. I spent some time searching but did not find anything that would definitely fit. Can you message me and let me know how I can get that from you? I am in Germany so you would need to ship it from wherever you are. Thanks!

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