Photo Feature Question

On the Armorama site beside the photo feature of my Mortar Vignette the ‘Twitter’ and ‘Pinterest’ icons have small circles with numbers. I assume these numbers relate to the number of folks who have “tweeted” the feature and “pinned” it.
My question is there any way in the system that one can look and find out who is ‘tweeting’ and ‘pining’ and basically sharing the feature? Just curious


Sadly no. In fact the system can just track people clicking those links, not whether they go through the full process of posting them on their pages or sites. It’s still nice to see though. :slight_smile:

Of course a lot of people post things publicly these days so you can search and likely find it on some sites.


I figured that might be the case. I only asked because once I was looking randomly at dioramas on Pinterest and to my surprise came across several of mine.
Thanks for the rapid response (under 2 minutes!)
Have a great New Years celebration and a better New Year


You too! Yeah I am ‘in the mode’ right now. So many changes and other things to do. :smiley:

How about the “likes” bar at the end of the feature? Any way to tell who likes, loves or otherwise? It seems folks are using that feature rather than posting a response explaining why they like or dislike the photo feature. If they are able to be identified (like on FB) it seems less likely that you would have trolls going through and hitting ‘bad’ and ‘ew’