Photoetch italic letters and numbers


I was thinking to add missing markings on a model.

On the left door of a czech SOG Hilux

Those one should be italic type.

Is there any photoetch production for that ?

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Matho has regular letters:

Maybe tilting them and slightly cutting the top&bottom to a straight line can work?

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In theory, maybe your method could works with bigger letters. But because of the very small size, I think it is impossible.

The most simple option is to ignore those markings like the model manufacturer did. :thinking:

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The process of making your own PE is not that daunting.
But if it’s not your thing, one of our 3D guys can take a good image of what you want, and extrude it off of a flat sheet, probably a little higher than you need. You can then slice it off and sand it to the perfect thickness. You’ll have a perfect representation.
Third method, and I have full confidence in your abiliites - take a brand new no. 11 blade and cut what you need from a strip of 0.010 styrene. I would not suggest this if I hadn’t done something similar myself.


Thank you. I will try with styrene sheets.

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