Photos of Academy's new PZII Ausf F

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Looks very nice, just what I need, another temptation to add to the stash.

I held my crusty Tamiya kit up to the screen to compare.

I think my storage bin of “Kits From Yesteryear” will be getting a new resident soon.

Or I’ll be making a fireworks purchase.

Do a tandem build to show the development in kit quality over the years since the Tamiya kit was first issued back in 1971 (50 years old by now …)

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It looks nice. However I’m slightly surprised the engine hatches aren’t moulded seperately.

if this kit is anywhere close to their IIIj’s quality, I’m good for three of them!

I just pulled my Dragon Ausf F (#6263) out and looked in the box. I have the rebox from 2015 with the DS tracks which looks to be the only change. Comparing the two the Academy has the advantage of the 13 years since Dragon first released theirs and I definitely will get one to use as intended: as a DAK vehicle. The kits are different enough to stand apart and not give that, “Oh, two Pz II F’s?” vibe. Yes, the Tamiya kit is coming off the ‘museum’ floor and back into storage on a shelf somewhere.

The Dragon has the additional cooling vent which apparently was a feature of vehicles bound for Africa but I plan on painting it in one of the Russian winter schemes. Is there any reason not to believe a Pz II meant for Africa could have found it’s way to Russia at some point?

BTW: The Dragon kit has a partial interior; mostly all but the engine. Just in case someone was interested in putting one in the Academy kit…

But the Dragon kit has accuracy issues and the fit is poor in the suspension parts and mounting the main gun and machine gun.
Perth has a good review of it.

Yes, they sure do.