Pioneer Flagon G - Update

So, as for most of us, I’ve pretty much had it with the dumpster-fire that is 2020. It’s been exhausting and worrisome and just plain stupid, and I’m more or less over it. It is fine for it to pizz right off and never make its kind known again. Of course, I’m sure it’ll only get worse from here, but that kind of positivity is something for another day.

In the spirit of 2020, that Grand Conjunction of Murphy’s Law and Sisyphus’ landscaping chores, I thought it was a perfect time to show how the Pioneer 2 Flagon G was coming. If there’s any project that really wallows in the spirit of this past year like a pig in its own manure, then it’s this thing.

Check out all the “fun” below, and really, really… don’t try this one at home.

Have a safe and profitable 2021, everyone! Happy New Year!

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