PLA Type62 light tank w/ female scout team in china/vietnam border | Armorama™

1/35 trumpeter type 62 light tank. The amazing figure is made of yufan models resin.

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Hmm, more “Girls und Panzers” cartoonism.

Thanks. I win another bet with myself.

A very impressive piece I have to say. The painting work alone shows great skill and the variety of items stowed on the tank bring to to life nicely- a ‘lived in’ kind of look. The figures are a nice twist and posed around the tank so the viewers eye is drawn around it.

The figure painting is of extremely high quality, capturing the tones of the uniforms and equipment nicely and breathing life into the faces and expressions. Plus the flora and fauna around the tank offer a nice, bright and interesting setting.

I get that this may not be to everyone’s taste but I think we can all appreciate the obvious skill and talent present in the work.

Just my $00.02.


VERY nicely done. Vehicle and figures came excellent.

I must say this is some really great work. I believe I am fairly hard to impress. I am impressed.

A Scientific Level Review…

#1 The Vehicle is built well and weathering looks great.
However the stowage is excessive and poorly placed, some is magnetic.

#2 The Figures are very (VERY) well done. The painting is just outstanding.
I would love to paint faces and shade uniforms half that good!
The poses are good too, that just back from patrol look: troops crashing an NCO standing giving them the look…
As far as them being Female that of course is a Non-Starter. China (the Tank has a Chinese Star) has very few females soldiers and they are not in combat MOS. However if this had been a Vietnamese themed Dio it could work as they have a history of using women in combat. Its a stretch but not impossible. Just saying…

#3 The Dio base is again just fantastic work. The vegetation looks great and the orientation of the vehicle keeps it interesting. Even the wood base looks good.

4 out of 5 Stars. The 4 is mostly for the issue w/ the stowage.
My 3 cents (inflation).

Absolutely beautiful, a pitty the stowage is a bit to clean for my liking but it is a very beautiful scene. Love the girls, well painted! And I guess the reactions on an item like this shows the difference in interest of the site members, loving a nice build vehicle/scene or loving a life like reproduction. Nice to see both can enjoy this site.

Personally, I think it is a nice build and the only criticism I would have is the stowage. Those 2 yellow blobs, magically attaching kit… and all that stuff on the deck… nah.
If the builder would have placed the women all looking in the same direction, it would have made more sense too. As if looking at the not-visible camera(wo)man.

Skillwise very well done nonetheless.