Planes in 1/700

I saw a model of the USS Intrepid (Vietnam era) in 1:700 with A-4, F-8, E-1 Tracer and A-1 placed on it. the cockpit screens were painted in light blue. I thought it looked quite odd, but how to make the best out of it - or in other words: what colour would be best here = light grey? what do you think?

May not be relevant, but I painted up some 1/700 F4F’s with dark gloss blue for the canopies, then carefully drybrushed fuselage color on the canopy frames. Looks good to me. :roll_eyes:
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have you got a pic?

Not today, but stay tuned!
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1/700 aircraft from Flyhawk. The “clear” parts of the canopy are painted gloss dark blue (almost black), and the canopy frames are carefully drybrushed with fuselage color.
Others may have different opinions, but I like it! :wink:
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That certainly looks a lot better than the light blue for the canopy, thanks for showing biggles!

BTW; the misplaced red dots on the stars is not due to poor printing by Flyhawk, but the fault of my shaky hands. The red dots are provided separately so that you can apply them for pre-Midway actions, and without, for post-Midway. I managed to center most of the dots, but some just managed to slip away. :rage:
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Great looking canopies and overall look!

Thanks! :hugs:
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Looks very good!!! Guess what I’m going to try on my next carrier

absolutely agree!!!