Please excuse the dumb question

One of my favorite things about Armorama was the news bulletin with pending releases for models, AM stuff, and reference books. I’ve tried finding something like that here and I haven’t had any success. If anyone can point me the right direction I’d be much obliged. I’ve not posted there since the move started but I find myself going back just to read the news.


I think that the plan is to collect them under these sub-categories:

In the old forums you had to enable the 'Show Site Content Related Topics
to get the News to show up with the other posts

I found one news item “under site content” it’s older too, there should be way more.

Are you saying I need to enable site content? I checked under account settings and I couldn’t find that option.

I apologize, I’m not very tech savvy:(

Enabling site content was for the old forums, not needed in the new forums.
I mentioned it since the new forums have the news, or will have the news, in
the site content category. In the old forum we had ‘Discussion groups’ (all the check-boxes ticked in in the second screen image in my previous post), in the new forums
the corresponding term is ‘category’.
It is all in a build-up phase so I hope the news items will come trickling in
when the news editors receive news from manufacturers …

Understood, thanks :slight_smile: