Plus Model Tufts and Wire | Armorama™

New items from Plus Model, tufts of grass and lead wire of different shapes and sizes.

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Nice, but nothing really new here.

What would really make these tufts stand out from all the others is graduated variation in colour. A bunch of tufts all the same uniform colour, or mixing sets with such a dramatic shift in colour (Dark Green, Medium Green & Light Green), where each tuft is one single uniform colour throughout just doesn’t cut it; it makes the dio unrealistic. Yes static grass has different colours in it, and Green Line has some great graduated tufts, but often these products have red fibres included in their mid greens- why red??

Make a product that has this kid of graduation giving depth and added realism and you will make a mint

Truedat! I always paint tufts/static grass after installing it, but some mfrr should make that an unnecessary step.

I would like the flat lead wire though. I have some lead wire that I always flatten before using.