Point Du Hoc

This is the wonderful set: RM1602, US Rangers, Point Du Hoc, vignette from Reedees Miniatures in 1/16th scale. These resin figures and base are created and sculpted by Steve Reedees. This set can be found at: Reedees Miniatures - 1/16 120mm

When you open the box the first thing you see is every parts set is carefully packaged and separated according to each figure within the set. The casting is incredible, and I’ve never seen anything but top-quality work coming from Reedees Miniatures, quality control is top shelf!

Call me biased, but I’ve worked with several of Steve’s figures, from 1/16th to 200mm, including weapons kits from the armory on his website. The kits have always been reliably well done, clean and crisp, requiring minor clean-up. This makes a painter like me very happy. BTW, the weapons are incredibly well done, too, and accurate. Did I say that already?

Seeing this set makes the painter in me want to get after it and get to “sniffin some paint and gluin my fingers together”. Sorry, I had to include my personally coined phrase on this set, it’s that good. Let’s just hope I can do it justice. So, here we go, let’s get er done!

As we get further along, I’ll add a few pics of the rock wall section. Wow, very well done and minor slag as can be expected, but nothing needing any serious adjusting or heavy filing. I’ll break each figure down so you can see the quality of the sculpting and casting.

Quick note; I ran a test fit on the two adjoined figures within this set, spot on fit. This is going to be a fun run from all indications, working on a very welcome planned and carefully sculpted set. Ruck On, Bby!

More to follow, mue pronto, and thanks for watchin. Cheers, Ski.