POLL: Sikorsky CH-54A

There is now an 1/35 scale release of the Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe.

Should we ask (begg) for a 1/48 scale version?


Since ICM has a 1/48 line of helos and other aircraft that would work with a 54, I could see them releasing one.


Yes, please, by all means. And the sooner it comes out the better… :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a good one.


Sure. But I’m just asking for a friend.


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I think most folks would base their decisions on available space and perhaps to a lesser extent the cost. 1/48 seems a perfect compromise between size requirements and level of detail attainable. The only time I’d really need a 1/35 scale aircraft is if I intended it for a diorama. So yes, I believe 1/48 would do well. Molds already done, a pantograph…yeah we should see one soon enough.


All together, I am affraid that 4 responses to such question will nto lead to a lot of enthusiasm at ICM headquarters. :frowning:

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Fortunately Armorama is not representative of aircraft modelers around the world. Especially as its main focus is armor.

this was not launched on armorama but on aeroscale which focus id clearly on aircraft and is rather representative for aircraft modelling.

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I don’t presume to know the mind of ICM’s marketing or production teams but last year (2022) not long after they released their 1:32 AH1 Cobra, followed by a flurry of discussion from some modelers about the chosen scale, they made an announcement they would also be offering a 1:35 scale version as well, seems unlikely to me but the point is if they do actually cast a model of the Cobra in 1:35th then it wouldn’t be surprising to one day see a CH54 in 1:48th. As far as the Track Heads vs Aeroscale being a barometer for the smaller Helo’s reception, it’s hard to say, Helos sorta fall through the cracks as far as classification IMO at least.

Cajun :crocodile:

They do, and even in the US military it is a discussion point where they belong.

I just hope for a 1/48 scale CH-54, and hoped as well that the reaction on my little poll on this forum would have been impressive enough to raise aareness of ICM or another producer.

Unfortunately …

I would beg - no, grovel - for a 1/48th scale CH-54.
For that matter, a 1/72nd scale kit definitely would make my day. (An accurate one, that is.)

Kind regards.

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