Polski Fiat 508/518 (PZinz 302) from Fiat 508

1/35 Polish 1939 soft skins seem almost nonexistent. I have the Italeri 1/35 Fiat 508. From the limited amount of info I have found so far, most of the differences appear to be internal, meaning not visible. So, converting the exterior to other versions, specifically the artillery tractor, should be doable. However English language books also seem few and far between. Would anyone be aware of already made conversion set(s) or English language publications with good photos and drawings for sides, top and rear views.


I think Italeri Fiat is another model of fiat 508. It is a military version.

According to the little bit I’ve found Polski Fiat got licenses from Fiat to make existing Fiat designs with engine and suspension changes to suit the Polish Army. They made multiple versions.