Posting photos

Every time I try to upload a photo, I get the same response “server busy”. I have not been able to post a picture in weeks. What’s going on?

Are you referring to the old gallery? Here?

It’s because that server will not run if the load on the primary server is above a certain level. It’s been above that level more and more as time goes by. Which is why we are moving to newer platforms that are more efficient and better at doing things like uploading photos to posts.

If I can save the old gallery I will, but it’s day is pretty much at a close. If I am able to flatten it in plain HTML though you should be able to backup any photos there or move them to posts or other sites if you choose. Sadly that gallery software was never built for the level of photos and albums that were created for it. It was better than the gallery that preceded it, but that too suffered from many of the same problems.

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Thank you Jim. I just saw the previous post on posting photos. I will try a different method.

Hi Jim
I like that we are able to post photos directly from our computers.
The question that I have is once photos are posted
and I delete them from my computer will they disappear from the website.?
I have done this accidentally using photobucket!

No, photos are stored on site.

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