Posting profile pics?

So I’d like to post a profile pic from Eduard kit instructions for the group build subject I’m intending to do. But I want to make sure that’s ok before I do it. The profile is available in the downloadable instructions on scalemates (where I got the pic).

I don’t want to:

  • deprive any artist by reposting his or her work here
  • get Kitmaker in trouble
  • get any vendor pissed off at Kitmaker

Are there guidelines?

Just my 2 cents. You wouldn’t be claiming to have created the image. Nor would you be using it for business purposes.

And give credit for the publisher of the image .

I am pretty sure if you are posting the pic for discussion purposes that would be considered “fair use” so I wouldn’t worry. We have had just a few people contact us in 20+ years for stuff like that and most of those instances weren’t even copyright infringement issues either.

Thanks for the guidance everyone.

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