Preparing for Exercise - Cold War 1972

Dunno about that Tim; to paraphrase Edward Fox portraying General Horrocks in A Bridge Too Far, “…and mightily bored you’ll be!”.

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Excellent job Brian! Love the figure and all the details you’ve put in your scene. That’s some fine work there.
Great quote from a great movie (despite its flaws) , I think this topic would generate a ton of interest.

Sorry Ryan, just spent nearly 2 hours trying to get to the bottom of the Campaign piece to insert my stuff, but due to God knows what gremlins within my IT, it just didn’t happen!

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Very unique, I especially like the smock (Field Jacket?) complete with draw string.

Cajun :crocodile:

Thanks Richard - your comments are much appreciated. I’m not sure about generating too many of the personal moments genre, especially given my somewhat boring existence(!) as a military Clerk, but I might produce another few. There’s also a danger of it being perceived as a tad egotistical perhaps.

That said, I have started a project reflecting life at Army Group level - which might end up being titled “Unloading the Land Rover” - you can’t get much duller than that!

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Thanks Terry - the Red Zebra article was pretty good to start with and didn’t take much to modify. 'Glad you spotted the draw-strings!

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Not at all. I like building models of the various vehicles that I drove, crewed, commanded, or rode in… with aircraft that’s a bit harder as I never got their serial numbers.


I think this opens up so many possibilities. Love Land rovers and would love to see what you do with it. Not boring at all!
I’d love to get a hold of some more pictures of those vehicles in your article- they look very unique and would make interesting subject matter at least to me. Armored trucks are under appreciated I think.

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Oh yes I forgot to mention that smock- great details! And very well painted I might add too Brian.

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Well, I’ve just got to say folks, thanks for the interest and the comments; I really wasn’t too sure if it would hit the spot, but it appears, in a way, that it has.

Thanks again all.

I understand, if you want I could post the photos and links for you.

Also @Johnnych01 had a thread going of in service time that this thread would be perfect for imho.

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Indeed I do.

People’s Real Life Rides

You painting prior to Ex will fit in just fine if you want to post it in there Brian :+1:

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Well, perhaps the more the merrier Ryan! If you don’t mind too much then please do so, I just hope it doesn’t appear that I’m chasing plaudits, but then I suppose some will overlook it and might find it suitably “different”.


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Thanks John - I’ll try and track ti down, though of course, the only thing I’m “riding” is a paintbrush!

I changed the title specifically for you :+1:

Posting done. I get what your saying but if the campaign leader is the one encouraging posting of it then no one should really complain about it, well my opinion anyway.

Well, thanks very much - I’m very grateful!

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Bloody hell John - thanks a lot; no pressure then?

I’ve actually just managed to move it in its entirety; I just hope those who feel they have to plough through the preamble won’t nod off, but I thought it important to set in context; perhaps evidence of the lost art of Hessian painting needed recording for posterity!


Different… very nicely done!!

Thanks Bert - nice to hear.