Preview: Takom's First ship launches with the 350th scale Type 124 Sachsen

Found this on The Modelling News website.

I will be very tempted to get this when she comes out!

This is a nice ship.
The Hull separated from the rest of the ship, is that usual? Never seen that before.

Its pretty common. A lot of Trumpeters ships have a hull split like that. My current Airfix Type 45 is a weird hybrid but the lower hull goes on like that.

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Nice. For me it is new. Then i must build a ship in that concept :sweat_smile:

Looks like a lot of fun.

Jan Jansen will be very exited about this one as it resembles the first modern german Bundesmarine ship. All already more or less commissioned about 15 years ago but still in active duty within the german navy.

Jan Jansen will be very excited about this one as it resembles the first modern german Bundesmarine ship.

Thats what I first thought when I first saw it!
@JJ1973 You have to build this. :rofl:

I was hoping it was his ship when I first say this. I know he did a resin 1/700 version on the old site. A bit of research shows this is the predecessor to his ship but its still very cool. And a lovely looking vessel to boot.

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Hi all,

and I’m still very busy with the 1:1 version of the 1/700 resin kit I built…that was the Baden-Württemberg Class (F 125 type) F 225 Rheinland-Pfalz. Still doing sea trials…

I would be very excited the see a 1/350 (styrene) model of my frigate, but the 1/700 is a really fine model and sitting in my stateroom on board.

So I have to admit that I never was a really big fan of the F 124’s, for various reasons, and somehow I have never served on one, so I don’t really have a close connection to them, sorry…

We’re approaching a summer break of the sea trials in a few weeks, so I hope to find time for progress on my Gneisenau and eventually updates on my build log - probably towards end of July…


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