Prinz Eugen Cuff Titles

I found some tank markings for this SS unit. That’s the good news. Problem is, where can I find cuff titles for the uniforms? I’ve seen SS cuff title decal sheets for sale but I cannot read the damn things! Does somebody know which one?

@Long_tom Thomas 3rd column bottom:

3rd row from left, bottom 8 cuff titles.

Where did you find this set?

Thanks. Incidentally, since this unit was granted old foreign equipment and was used against partisans, the people in it were elderly people and poor quality soldiers?

The division was recruited from ethnic Germans living in central and southern Europe. Initially it used volunteers, later draftees. As it was not made up of “real” Germans, and it fought mainly against partisans, it had to make do with unwanted, second-rate equipment. Since it was a mountain unit, it is unlikely any personnel were elderly.

Where did you find this set?

@steel_tiger1 Tom, I remembered the set was available, I just searched the Peddinghaus website to get the right one.

One last question. I bought the only mountain troops figures I found which was the Dragon 6067 Handscar troops. Obviously the fez heads need replacing, but would the figures work for 1942?

The SS Camo Smock had been around well before 1942. Many pictures of Prinz Eugen troops show them wearing them, so I would expect you are safe using those figures.

Dragon also makes a couple of Gebirgsjager sets, one with a mortar team and one with a mule. They also make a later 1944 setting set, but from memory I think the uniforms are too late for what you want.