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This is a diorama/vignette that I originally submitted to the old Armorama site in April of 2013.

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This is a nice blast from the past! The color you chose for this is very striking and it stands out well against the tones of the groundwork. The red is suitably faded too. Really have to compliment you on that scratch wooden bed though, extremely realistic.

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I dont think it hurts at all Charles to repost images of your old builds, I had never seen this one before, but glad I have now, Like Karl said, very nice cargo bed and the fading is well done for the overall effect


Hadn’t seen this and glad you posted it! Great job on the finish and fading. I like the subtle streaking.


Concur. I am amazed at how often a post pops up that is new and exciting to me, only to notice the original post was years ago.

Beautiful work on this “retired” old workhorse.