Problems with a Aber barrel

So yesterday I was assembling the barrel for my current build. The barrel pieces went together fine. I started running into problems when i tried gluing the pe straps around the barrel. The glue only seemed to want to stick to the pe. I couldn’t get it to stick to the aluminium to save my life. I tried a new bottle of thin ca, i tried loctite superglue and i tried soldering nothing worked. Has anybody ever run into this problem? Any suggestions for another method of glue.


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Darren, give the barrel a bit of a scrub with a nylon scourer to remove any protective oils, etc. It helps.

I find you need to give the CA a little more time with the aluminium.


I often have problems with PE and other metal parts using CA type glues. I switched to Mig Ultra glue, a PVA/white glue that sticks well to metal and has just a bit of flex so parts don’t fly off the time they are handled.


I would do as @petbat suggests. A little abrasive will remove oils from the metal and will
Give the glue something to grip. Solder will be a no go, soldering aluminum from my understanding is a royal PITA

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I should clarify that after assembling the barrel i chucked it in a drill and ran some progressively finer grades of scotchbrite over it. I then cleaned it with alcohol before proceeding with the pe.

I may have been too quick to mess with them. I used wire to tighten the straps around the barrel by passing it through the turned metal pieces that make up the turnbuckle. After gluing i immediately tried to undo the wire and without fail the pe came off.

The mig ultra glue sounds interesting. Whats the cure time on it?

Real short, like just a couple minutes. I usually let it sit for an hour or so to set up, just to be sure.

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Thanks for the tip @tankerken

it holds in seconds, reasonable strong in minutes but fully curing takes 24 hours:

In any case, I have hardly used CA a couple of times since I got this glue, it has completely changed my relationship with photoetch

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I’m intrigued by this option and think i will give it a try

I think I’m gonna order some too! I’ll leave the CA to seam filling

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