Prohibition of swastikas

Yes Robin - they are indeed on the same sheet - hence my bewilderment.The kit in question is a 1/48 aircraft by a European manufacturer.

The problem is the stigmata associated with the Swastika. The European countries feel that people will flock to the Nazi way of thinkng. The Swaticka being displayed on Models is actually Historic! To forget and deny that it ever happened means you want it to be repeated . Models are not political statements,but a way to observe the past in plastic with a representative of History. I am not political person and I see nothing wrong showing the Swastcka on my models if they had it on in that time period. What I do have a problem with is the higher-ups at Facebook and the European Counsel that seem to think this is a re-emergency ot Adolf Hitler. I voted a different party this time because I felt the past president was showing the same atrobutes as that person. It is all our responsibilities to learn from these past down falls in human nature.


86 StGB is as old as west germany and not restricted to Nazi symbols.

Showing the SwineSymbol on a model show is “hit and miss”. If a visitor takes offence (I do) and calls the Ordnungsamt or police(I have done that) it depends on the person on scene and their view on the 86. Many thankfully do not consider scale models outside a museum exhibit a “work of art” and will write you up/order the modeö removed

As a person of Jewish lineage (verified to nearly 100% by having lost all my ancestors who did not leave Poland or Austria before the nazis took over, having lost all trace of where those ancestors lived…
I find the idea of suppressing history to be quite disgusting.
To be offended by the use of a swastika in a historical representation and to insist others bend to your sensitivity is quite frankly bullying and revisionist thought control.
People who can’t handle history need to stick their heads in the sand (or somewhere more convenient) and let those willing to deal with it alone.
To me this is no different than vegans insisting everyone else become vegan.
I’m willing to bet the vast majority of model builders are able to apply a swastika decal without being overwhelmed with a desire to swear allegiance to Hitler.


It is a German law, applicable in Germany. Manufacturers will weigh their options and choose the route with the least hassle up ahead.
They don’t care if we don’t like it, history or no history.
There is aftermarket for those who want historical correctness. Some survivors, the very few that are still alive, feel very hurt by seeing that symbol, others don’t give a d**n. Some survivors descendants are sensitive, others treat it as history.

Those who live in Germany and have the right to vote can take it up with their politicians. Those of us who live in other countries don’t have any say what so ever in the matter. As far as German lawmakers are concerned we can take our opinions and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

We can laugh, moan, whine, snicker et.c about the laws in other countries but there is NOTHING we can do about them unless we become citizens, run for office as lawmakers and start changing things from the inside.

I think we can conclude that manufacturers will ‘do their thing’ based on what is overall best for them on the various markets.
Our opinions do not matter. Buy the kit or don’t buy the kit. We can buy the aftermarket, paint the markings ourselves or live with it. If we sigh, bitch or moan about it does not matter. The universe will go on regardless.