Proto48/O scale William Pollock Hot Metal Car

My usual hobby of choice is Armor Modeling but I have done some commission work as well as create some products that can be used for Model railroading. I launched an Etsy Store since more modelers have their own 3D Printers and I could create models and accessories that would be to expensive on Shapeways. This is my first complete kit, a proto48/O scale Hot Metal Car build by William B. Pollock around the turn of the last century. I thought it was so cool with the ladle festooned with steeple and conical rivets, it just looks medieval!


I’m working on the instruction sheet and I hope to upload the files to Etsy this weekend.

The listing is up on Etsy:

What an interesting “walking rotater” arrangement these cars have for the ladel. I always assumed it was just a single rotating center pivot!

Seriously cool engineering! (While being seriously hot!)