Puma with Urdan Dozer Blade

I think most of you have seen the WIP of my scratch build Urdan Dozer Blade for the Puma in the old forum. It has been a long time in the making but managed to finished it around November 2021 with the help of my friend sharing his personal walkaround photos of the blade for me to complete the project.

Late posting of the finished blade fully casted in resin. The master is moulded in a vacuumed silicone RTV mould which is also pressure cured. The blade is then pressure casted for maximum detail and minimum bubbles. I will continue to cast this blade in summer when the temperature is ok to avoid cure problem due to low temperature.

The blade is fully workable as I designed it this way. I still have to turn an aluminium rod to represent a hydraulic ram to fit to the hydroelectric unit.

The blade is full scratchbuilt and NOT resin printed. I still have the old WIP in the old forum under my name (r2d2). Enjoy!


Your a bad, bad man…I’ll take one please… :+1: :nerd_face: :+1:


Likewise, if you’re producing these for sale! The attention to detail is fantastic, the cast number on the side a good example! Nice work.

Looks awesome, great craftmanship!!!

Another potential customer here :raised_hand:

Yet another builder to add to the list of the obsessive. :grin: :grin: Some mighty fine very clean and precision built scratch building.

And another customer here. I’ll definitely take one if they are being offered for sale.

Yes, very nicely detailed indeed

This is just fantastic. Thanks for showing it again. I had totally forgotten about it which is a shame.


I would definitely purchase one if available!

If it comes out, I’ll buy one too!

Cheers guys!

Stay tune!


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Awesome work. I am really interested if you start to sell that blade.



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@Cut-n-Paste Raphael, any news if this is moving forward into production? TIA.

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