Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf H Krupp Grusonwerk Aug-Sep 1943 | Armorama™

Darren Baker takes a look at the Pz. Kpfw IV Ausf H Krupp Grusonwerk Aug-Sep 1943 in 1/35th scale from MiniArt

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Love MiniArt and here’s another reason! Are those TRACK PINS on sprue Af? Wow. The presence of a detailed interior makes all the work that I did on my Border Pz IV G seem kind of wasted (well, at least I have one that’s kind of unique -Border Models -call me!). Don’t get me wrong; all of those Pz IV kits that I gathered-up from Dragon are great, just they’re empty inside. And so am I when I see what those same kits go for now.

I am really impressed with the level of detail on the interiors of these Panzer IV’s as it would seem a case of add some wire, fuel and water.