PzIII version

Dear all,
I came across this picture on a FB group.
What is this Pz III version and does this version exist in 1/35 kit?

Panzerbeobachtungswagen III, and there are kits.

Dragon 6792


I think this photo deserves to be better known, because it’s so damn rare. It’s inside one of them.
It’s posted for informational purposes only. Whoever bought it, you have a treasure.

And that man below, with the MP40, has no optics at all.



^^^^ That’s Gold!

That man below so appears to be biting his tongue :tongue: which is also candid and priceless in a photo of that era in my opinion. Headphones on one ear and off the other. As for no optics, well at least he has his glasses on…posted for additional discussion in this thread only.


Thanks for this input :slight_smile:
It seems that the vehicule on the picture is based on later chassis (see drive sproket).
Anyway, I doubt there is any other model indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

Really cool picture :wink:

There are a couple other chassis Dragon released; that’s just the one I built.

Here is the fairly old Tamiya Pz.III kit that uses that other style drive sprocket. Also probably available as an after-market resin item.

No one does the Beo’s with schutzen-you’d have to kitbash or buy trees online.

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