Question about "British Commandos"

Maybe a stupid question. I always wondered about Airfix British Commandos with their wool caps. What branch they are from? Army, Navy or…

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Hermann, see this information from the excellent Plastic Soldier Review site:

Plastic Soldier Review - Airfix Commandos

For a bit more info on the headgear see my response to Erik on his thread: “Long Range Desert Group”.

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The Royal Marines date back to the mid 1600’ s when they were formed into a Regiment from various Militias and were run via the Royal Navy. They operated in various roles from then up till the present. During WW2 , The Royal Marines picked up the “Commando” name as well during a reshuffle of units and roles.
The " Army Commandos" were born from a need of a raiding Force early in WW2 and separate from " The Royal Marines" … And their numbers came from all branches of the Army…

This is just a very abridged account of them… There is a lot more history and organisation that makes up where they all came from and how they joined together…
Modern Royal Marines Commandos fall under Navy Command within the British Military :+1:

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Then there is this British Commando . Headgear is somewhat different than the wool cap .



I go Commando. Does that count?


Thats an image thats sadly etched in my head forever now !! :see_no_evil:

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Thanks guys!

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@18bravo :astonished: :flushed: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_vomiting: :face_holding_back_tears:

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Are the Royal Army Commandos equivalent to the US Army Rangers?

That is not a thing or unit. Army Commandos were WW2 then melded into the RM Commandos after.

We have Royal Marine Commandos. They deploy worldwide. Specialise in Artic/mountain warfare/Amphib landings and cliff assaults but can war fight in any theatre (Afghan/Iraq etc).
They are probably Teir 2 along with MARSOC and work closely with them and USMC. SBS recruit from RM units and occasionally some Army units who come under the RM yoke like 29 Arty Regt etc.
Army bods can do the All Arms Commandio course and wear the commando dagger badge and the green machine beret. Army also have affilitaed units who work with the Commandos, like 29 Arty, an engineer Sqn, and REME bods etc

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Thanks for the rundown John.

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There is no Royal Army. British Army belongs to the parliament, not king or queen.