Question about right camouflage colors for Italeri Jagdpanther #6564

It is interesting to read that you are also keeping multiple brands of paints for different purposes.
Maybe for me, it is worth trying out some things.
However, I must also say that the space I have availlable is becoming more and more limited.
So, I have to make choices what I’m keeping and whot not.

Like I said, space is becoming a problem for me.
I’m having to make hard choices, what do I keep what not?
I’m having same issues with my books, magazines, movies and other things.
I also thought, wouldn’t it be much easier if I just stuck to one brand of paint?
I’m really not liking mixing colors, because I’m terrible with maths and calculations.
I’m thanking you anyway for your reply and helping me out with this topic as well.
You are helping me out consistently, which I appreciate.

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You are lucky you are able to purchase locally, I don’t have that option availlable to me.
I’m currently having some Revell enamel paints remaining in my stash, which I want to use up and not buy again. Because of limited color range.
I’m wanting to keep Tamiya and Mr. Hobby then. And maybe get some Vallejo for some things?
Because I’m having pretty good experiences with Tamiya and I want to try and test out Mr. Hobby paints.

I don’t know yet, I haven’t started with the project yet.