Question about tank variant & s/n

G’day all

Whilst doing some research for various builds on the weekend, a thought occurred to me.
During production, most German tanks seemed to evolve - quite significantly in the case of Tiger I.
How does one know what s/n their kit relates to - especially when things change within s/n batch? Can’t always assume the kit companies get it right.

Well, many of the better volumes devoted to singular families of panzers tend to have a break down of work numbers versus production changes if the documentation survived the war. Even that is not 100% since factories would use up old stock if the upgraded parts weren’t readily available so there is still slight variation. For instance, I have volume two of a book on Stug IIIs by Müller and Zimmerman that shows the progression of parts like idler wheels and mufflers with the time spans they were fitted and which factory did it if some items were that specific. There is a page online that does the major changes for the Panther but I’d have to plow through my links to find it (lmk if interested).

If you are up to the challenge of wading through endless sites that info can be found online but on the plus side you find out other stuff while reading all those old threads.

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